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AgriTech America is the American distributor of the WEEDit product. Our staff have been involved with the technology since its beginnings in 2009 and have a wealth of experience in adopting the WEEDit system onto many different brands of sprayers as well as different farming systems. 


Our staff bring a wealth of knowledge to the spot spray chemical application industry. Having supported WEEDit since 2009 our experiences range from Broadacre, Row Crop, Horticulture and Civil application spaces.


While maintaining optimum WEEDit performance via our product support team we also work with Industry on adapting the technology to various applications. Using Solidworks we are able to design the integration of WEEDit to your sprayer.


Through industry partners, AgriTech America works with spray manufacturers to facilitate the fitment of WEEDit onto new sprayers designed to accommodate the sensors and solenoids.

New WEEDit sprayers offered as a 'turn-key' solution make up a large portion of WEEDit systems delivered.